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Custom Vehicle Emblems & Badges

Custom Engraving LTD has been providing high quality components to the motorcycle market since 2000. We now offer Custom Vehicle Grille Emblems for Ford, Chevy & Dodge. Also available are badges in 3 inch, 4 inch & 5 inch diameter sizes. Call us now to find out more!
Car Emblems Ford, Chevy & Dodge Custom designs, ultra-high quality
Call Us Any Time At (262) 644-1500 Each Part a Unique Work of Art!
Quality We Stand Behind Our Products, Service, and Customers

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

5 star review
Received the engraved W&FMC derby cover. It arrived in perfect condition, and, I have to say, looks very very fine indeed mate! Highly detailed work and colors are great. Many thanks for making this happen and posting out to us here, and also getting this done so quickly as well. I'll get in touch in a couple of weeks for another small item from you. John N. New South Wales, Australia
5 star review
Kevin received the gas cap on Friday and was extremely moved. The sketched photo on the layout of the gas cap is so identical to the actual gas cap, it is just totally amazing. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help with this gift. I cannot begin to tell you what it will mean to him having his brother Jimmy “riding” with him. Shari
5 star review
Just wanted to let you know that the cover has arrived, been installed & is simply incredible! Can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the work you have done for me. You should also know that I received many compliments at today's event. Yes, I was more than happy to tell everyone who asked where I got it! As you are well aware Tim, this cover is VERY important to me & I must tell you that Custom Engraving surpassed my wildest dreams. Bart N See more Reviews
5 star review
Holy Cow dude! I couldn't believe my eyes when I came home Sunday after being gone to an m/c event Friday and Saturday that my derby cover was waiting for me! I know you said you had it in stock and I would get it soon but I really wasn't expecting it in two days! That was awesome and the product is awesome too. I have shown a couple of my brothers and the guys at work (on the Navy base) and they were all blown away by it. PUD, VFW m/c Inland Empire Wildomar, CA

About Us

Since 2000, Bringing The Finest Engraving To The Motorcycle World! Derby Covers, Timer Covers, Air Cleaner Covers, Fuel Lids, Inspection Covers, HyperCharger Trap Doors, Road King Wind Deflectors and Top Cover for S&S Air Cleaner Covers.