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Linwood files
02-18-2016, 09:20
I recently order an Derby cover for my 2015 victory cross country motorcycle it was a portrait of my brother who Pass away before his time,from a knee surgery.
So with that being say I just can begun to say how please I am with outstanding work that Custom Engraving Ltd did on my Derby cover of my brother,when I received the box in the mail and opened it, all I could do was cry.
So I just want to thank Stephanie for professional and she was very pleasant every time I called her. So once again outstanding job to Stephanie and Custom Engraving Ltd. Well done and I will be a return customer. You will definitely get 5 stars from me.
Linwood files
Bart N
12-11-2015, 17:12
Just wanted to let you know that the cover has arrived, been installed & is simply incredible! Can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the work you have done for me. You should also know that I received many compliments at today's event. Yes, I was more than happy to tell everyone who asked where I got it!
As you are well aware Tim, this cover is VERY important to me & I must tell you that Custom Engraving surpassed my wildest dreams. I truly appreciate not only your efforts but your patience in working with me, I know it wasn't easy. Rest assured you will be hearing from me in the very near future.
Jim W
10-21-2015, 18:13
Hey Tim,
It came today and I gave it to her after dinner... to say she was ecstatic is an understatement... she was overwhelmed. It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL... almost as nice as mine lol. Once again you have out done yourself. Thanks for the beautiful work.
09-03-2015, 18:12
Tim –
Kevin received the gas cap on Friday and was extremely moved. The sketched photo on the layout of the gas cap is so identical to the actual gas cap, it is just totally amazing.
I can’t thank you enough for all of your help with this gift. I cannot begin to tell you what it will mean to him having his brother Jimmy “riding” with him.
With sincere thanks,
07-01-2015, 18:15
Just arrived at my office and just opened your package. I am totally pleased, totally so.
Thank you so much. I am now on the way to Winchester Harley-Davidson where my bike is awaiting the covers to install. I will have a better idea of the color match when I see the bike and I will then call youand let you know.
I got the invoice also and will take care of it right away. Thanks again Tim.
05-18-2015, 18:13
Holy Cow dude! I couldn't believe my eyes when I came home Sunday after being gone to an m/c event Friday and Saturday that my derby cover was waiting for me! I know you said you had it in stock and I would get it soon but I really wasn't expecting it in two days! That was awesome and the product is awesome too. I have shown a couple of my brothers and the guys at work (on the Navy base) and they were all blown away by it. I sure hope you will be getting some more business from my purchase as I have been handing out your cards to people too. Great idea by sending extra cards in the box with the cover. I hope to be getting the timing cover POW/MIA sometime soon too. I am very pleased to say the least and excited to show my cover off on the bike soon. I will be getting you a pic soon too just like you asked.

PUD, VFW m/c Inland Empire, Wildomar, CA
10-22-2014, 18:14
I just got the air cleaner cover. Outstanding work again. I can't wait to get it on the bike . It'll go well with the derby cover.

Next step is the timing cover, I just have to decide.

Thanks again for some great work
John N
08-01-2014, 18:11

Received the engraved W&FMC derby cover. It arrived in perfect condition, and, I have to say, looks very very fine indeed mate! Highly detailed work and colors are great.

Many thanks for making this happen and posting out to us here, and also getting this done so quickly as well. I'll get in touch in a couple of weeks for another small item from you.

Regards from New South Wales, Australia!
Gary B.
03-11-2014, 18:17
Im absoultely stunned... Can't believe the quality of the finished work..... I can see many looking to find some things done by your company.. Great job. Just let me know How to make a payment.. C.C / Paypal / check etc.

Thanks Again

Gary B.
Mike B
09-01-2012, 18:17
Hi Tim,
I received the derby cover. It looks great!!!! Thanks, and I will get the payment out to you today. Any more thoughts, regarding the airborne wings, on the oval air cleaner?
08-11-2012, 18:14
I got the cover yesterday and installed it today. Awesome work man, it exceeds my expectations. Here's a picture of it on my bike.
Thanks again
07-11-2011, 18:10
i only wanted to say thank you very much. you did a good job...it looks so fantastic! i´m very happy with the result...

greetings from germany!
Nick T
06-11-2011, 18:15
Hi Tim,
First of all, Thank You for making me an absolutely beautiful custom engraved derby cover for my new street glide.
Thanks again for doing an incredibly super job on my derby cover and I look forward to blowing these guys away with this gift.
All my best,
AFCM(AW/NAC) Connie R., USN(Ret)
05-11-2010, 18:16
Sir or Madam,

I just received my Master Chief Air Cleaner Cover for my HD Deluxe and I just wanted to let you know that it is now the most awesome piece on my bike!!!

I am very impressed with the craftmanship and was even surprised that it included all the mounting hardware (there was no mention that the hardware was included on your web-site).

So, thank you for my bike's new center piece and I will be carrying your business card with me to let allmy military friends know were I got my cover (I'm sure they will all be jealous).

Mike H
08-11-2006, 18:18
It has been a few years since my last order (3/1 Battalion Landing Team) that is now in my opinion the best Marine Corps derby display on your website. I now own an '06 Road Glide and need some more of your art work.
I would like to have my fuel lid engraved with the chrome continent EGA centered, with the purple heart ribbon medal on the lower left and bronze star ribbon medal on the right with the letter V (also bronze in color) in the center of the ribbon. The distinguishing device "V" in the center of the ribbon is for valor in combat.
I would also like the derby cover to have the front design of the SMSUA coin (see attached) as colored; and the inspection cover to have a black engraved umpire's mask.
That should complete the order and look forward to displaying more of your art work!
Roger G., Work Lead
07-11-2005, 18:17
OUT-FRICKIN-STANDING WORK, Man! The covers came in this weekend, and I CAN NOT BELIEVE how totally AWESOME they are! After I get them on, I'll shoot you some pics. Thanks again!

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